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About ASU

Message From the President


      Prof. Samiha Jarrah


The University's vision is dedicated to excellence and aimed to prepare graduates with high level of competency, who shall have successful careers and actively contribute to the community based on national and international development through academic research, scholarship, creative activities and outreach services. 

Our comprehensive excellence is remarkable. We are fortunate to have a balanced portfolio of strengths. Indeed, we have nationally recognized programs that meet the international standards to excel education.

Our strategic plan is focusing on long term goals and short-term objectives, with frequent updates to reflect the ever-changing needs of our students, societal challenges, emerging technologies and global ambitions. The university updates all plans and focuses all its activities to keep up with international standards in education for the purposes of continuous quality improvement. Our work is evidence based with persistence to achieve our objectives toward excellence in education, research, community services and sustainable development.

Students are our priority; we support the unique needs of the varying identities and interests represented by our students. We support and enable the academic achievement of students by acting with integrity, openness and candor. The university works continuously to maintain transparency of goals and value. We assist the students by providing an environment where the outside classroom experience, updated technology contributes to knowledge acquisition and application, cognitive complexity, intrapersonal development, interpersonal competence and practical competence. The University is proud of its cultural diversity and continues to attract students and faculties from different countries. I also encourage the students to participate in various aspects of the university life such as sports, cultural activities, as well as volunteerism and community service that will contribute to your personal development and enrich your experience. Enjoy the home like environment in the “360” building where you can have food, leisure activities and study areas with all physical resources you need.

 Our staff has been fully committed to providing students with high quality education which meets the international best practices. Today, the University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs responding to some of the largest segments of the job market and a unique educational experience that develop students’ competencies and refine their skills and knowledge.

We at ASU continue to connect to all programs that lead to continuous improvement in quality of education and services. Therefore, we worked hard to achieve national and international accreditation to all of our schools.  Also, we are enrolled in various activities that will enhance the ranking of the university at national and international levels as well.

The University in collaboration with all departments facilitates international relations with the aim of permitting University researchers and students to stay abreast of scientific innovation in all fields. In addition, it provides scientific activities and services to the community to pursue sustainable development goals.

At ASU we urge all alumni to reconnect, become active members and provide their support to the Alumni office at our university. We are proud of all the successful graduates for their academic and professional accomplishments all over the world and we are keen to maintain this valuable asset.

Finally, your decision to make the ASU your choice for your study, your profession will prove to be one of the most worthwhile investments towards your lifelong growth and development. Welcome to our ASU Family.

Prof. Samiha Jarrah       

2/27/2024 12:30 PM