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About ASU

Message from the Acting President

​​​​​​​​​​​ ​

Prof. Saleh Khalil Alokdeh

University's Acting President​​​

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you who visit the Applied Science Private University page. It is a great honor for me to be among the leading administrative team at the university.

ASU's diverse community, generosity of values and mission make our university a great place for students to pursue their undergraduate and graduate studies, and for academics and researchers to achieve their goals.

The Applied Science Private University was established as a university for all Arabs and as a habitat for knowledge and virtue in 1989, and thus was the first private university in Jordan to obtain a license.

In 1991 the university started its work, and it is the first university in the Arab world to obtain the ISO certificate in higher education and scientific research since 2003, and now the university is one of the top leader institutions when it comes to international and national ranking and ratings. ASU attracts students from more than (53) Arab and foreign nationalities in an educational atmosphere that allows students to develop their diverse interests. Outside the university, students can explore other horizons by joining the others who participate in the annual exchange programs of universities outside Jordan. Students enrich their cultural experience, gain new knowledge about their field, and gain more self-confidence.

At the International Relations level, we strive to achieve the highest standards of Internationalization, to support ASU, in turn, to fulfill​ its vision as an institution. We embrace Internationalization, as one of the main key drivers to become a leading university in the region and globally.

The strategic priorities of Internationalization at ASU are:

1) Enhancing international reputation, broadening ASU's horizon of cooperation beyond the Middle East.

2) Providing a global educational experience and, in turn, enhance students' employability Worldwide.

3. Enhancing the International impact of ASU's research.

These three pillars should strengthen each other in a virtuous cycle. With such priorities for internalization, ASU aspires to embed a global outlook into all its activities.

As we believe that our excellence comes from opening up to the outside world, in 2019, the university founded the International Relations Office (IRO), which aims to promote opportunities for staff and students to get involved with the wider international community. The international relations office has successfully received funding for (15) international projects in the field of (Mobility, External Grants, and Research projects). Moreover, the university has signed more than 30 international cooperation agreements with reputable universities at the regional and international levels and we look forward to expanding our network and partnerships

University students enjoy the learning spaces around them; from the library and its many resources to the 360 Center where entertainment and a safe and beautiful social life reside. The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the university, which was established in harmony with the vision of the (Make Impact Consortium) led by the University of (MIT), is distinguished for students to realize their new projects and entrepreneurial ideas, thus generating effective solutions to the needs of society.​

7/30/2023 3:41 PM