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About ASU

President's Message

Professor Mahfouz Judeh ​
President of the University​

I am pleased to welcome you to The Applied Science Private University, which was established, in 1989, as a university for all Arabs, and as a habitat of knowledge and virtue. The Applied Science Private University became functional in 1991, and was the first private university to become licensed in Jordan. It was, further, the first university in the Arab World to get ISO certificate for higher education and scientific research from 2003 till now. 

The University attracts students from over (56) Arab and foreign nationalities. It provides the latest books, references, periodicals, laboratories, as well as internet service for the students. It works on preparing them for the labour market; as their study plans require that they get trained in institutions, closely related to their major studies. A student shall not graduate unless such requirement is successfully fulfilled. The university is proud to encompass (8) faculties, namely: the Art & Humanities, Law, Economics & Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy,Art & Design , Nursing, andInformation Technology.The university also includes the Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research, and the Deanship of Student Affairs. The number of majors studied at these faculties at the undergraduate level mounts to (31). As for the Master’s programmes, it include: Accounting, Marketing, International Relations & Diplomatic Studies, Pharmaceutical Studies, Computer Science, Nursing,Finance and Risk Management.

ASU focuses on the quality of the educational process to prepare its students and develop their skills to have a play role in the future. Moreover, the university sponsors conferences, scientific research and scholarships, by allocating 5% of its annual budget for such activities. So far, ASU has offered full scholarships to more than (135) students to study for their Ph.D.'s in various fields of study in American, Canadian, British, Australian, and other universities.

The university also interacts positively with educational institutions and associations worldwide. It is a member of the Federation of Universities of the Arab World, the International Association of Universities, the Federation of International Arab Universities, and the Union of Islamic Universities, as well as the associations of deans of faculties formed by the Union of Universities of the Arab World and the Arab Organization for Admission and Registration Directors in the Arab universities. 

The university has established an office for quality control and accreditation, second to take care of new students' affairs, and a third one to follow up alumni affairs. 

You are welcome to our website:, and we invite you to meet us in our University.​

1/28/2018 4:03 PM