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About ASU


​​​​​​​To achieve effective governance and contemporary management within the context of the university's strategic plan, the following steps are essential

-Enhancing practices of good governance by involving all university stakeholders in decision-making and strategic planning.

- Strengthening quality assurance practices, with a specific focus on promoting core values and obtaining accreditation.

-Developing organizational performance to align with advanced global practices.

-Promoting continuous training and development for administrative staff to ensure excellence and a profound understanding of governance concepts.

-Reinforcing the concept of institutional responsibility and identifying effective mechanisms for  answerability.

-Attaining financial stability for the university through the diversification of funding sources.

-Promoting digital transformation and automating operations and procedures to enhance efficiency and interactivity.

​-Enhancing the use of technology to promote transparency and streamline administrative processes​

List of governing councils

​ Board of Trustees

 Deans Council

Faculty Council

University Council​​

1/3/2024 2:00 PM