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About ASU

Department Council


The department council comprises all Faculty members within the academic department and is chaired by the Department Head. The Department Council meets twice a month or whenever needed.


The Department Council is responsible for the following:

  • - Discussing and approving department plans for teaching, scientific research and community services.

  • - Approving new courses/ programs and recommending them to the Faculty council.

  • - Reviewing and approving suggested textbooks by Faculty members.

  • - Reviewing and submitting nominations of applications for new faculty members and teaching assistants to the Faculty council.

  • - Approving Faculty course loads, lectures and field training sessions for individual Faculty members and other teaching staff in accordance with the University regulations.

  • - Reviewing assessment results, and recommending appropriate changes and modification in the study plan, course content and teaching/learning strategies.


2/13/2020 2:43 AM