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About ASU

Deans Council


​​​Prof. Samiha  Jarrah​​
Prof. Saleh Al-Oqdah
​Vice President - Dean of the College of Business​
​Prof. Hadeel Yassin
​ Vice President
​Prof. Iyad Radwan
​Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology
Prof. Abdel Hadi Hamasha 
​Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
Prof. Wamid Al-Taie
​Dean of the College of Allied Sciences - Dean of the College of Science
Prof. Imad Fahmawy
Dean of the Faculty of Arts
Dr. Muhammad Hijjawi
Acting Dean of the College of Information Technology
Dr. Hadeel Al-Saed
​Acting Dean of the College of Arts
Dr. Abdel Salam Al-Fandari
 Acting Dean of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
Dr. Samar Dhiyab
 Acting Dean of the College of Pharmacy
Dr. Hamza Abu Issa
Acting Dean of the College of Law
​Dr. Ghadeer Al-Dweik​
​​Acting Dean of Nursing​
Dr. Muhammad Al-Najjar 
Acting Dean of Scientific Research
Dr. Hossam Sharrouf
Acting Dean of Student Affairs
Mr.Yasser Abdul Latif 
Secretary of the Councils

  • - Implementing University policies.

  • - Approving plans, which secure the appropriate infrastructure to execute University objectives.

  • - Approving by-laws that govern organizational, financial and executive University affairs.

  • - Approving by-laws to govern employment and punitive measures that apply to all University personnel.

  • - Approving new University study plans.

  • - Conferring University academic degrees.

  • - Setting terms and conditions regarding students' admission and the number of accepted students in light of the Ministry of Higher Education's overall plans.

  • - Directing and overseeing studies aimed at establishing new faculties and new programs.

  • - Following-up on the implementation of Faculty plans for teaching and research.

  • - Approving admission policies.

  • - Making policies regarding the size and quality of student enrollment.

  • - Applying for approval of new academic programs and new non-academic units.

  • - Making the final decision regarding Faculty members' promotion upon recommendation from the Appointment and Promotion Committee.

12/28/2023 10:13 AM