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About ASU

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustee Memebers:

  1. Engineer Adnan Abdul Karim Sulieman Al-Balbisi – Board Head.

  2. Prof. Mahfouz Joudeh – University President  - Member.

  3. Mr. Rami Mohammad Hussien Barhoosh – Trade and Industry Sector – Member.

  4. Engineer Na`el Ali Hussien Al-Jnaidi – Trade and Industry Sector – Member.

  5. Mr. Hatim Mohammad Abu Ma`ailish - Trade and Industry Sector – Member.

  6. Prof. Hiatham Mamdouh Hamdan Al- Abadi – Member.

  7. Dr. Fadi Fayad Mofdi Shanableh – Board of Directors – Member.

  8. Dr. Ahmad Abdullah Abdul –Halim Abu Khdejeh – Board of Directors – Member.

  9. Mrs. Sahar Abdullah Abdul –Halim Abu Khdejeh – Board of Directors – Member.

  10. Mrs. Hiba Abdullah Abdul –Halim Abu Khdejeh – Board of Directors – Member.

  11. Prof. Ghassan Gazi Kanaan – Academic – Member.

  12. Prof. Fayad Mulfi Al-Qdah – Academic – Member.

  13. Prof. Mohammad Ahmad Al-Khasawneh – Academic – Member.

  14. Prof. Mohammad Ahmad Al-ghzow – Academic – Member.

  15. Prof. Mousa Aboudeh Samha – Academic – Member.


The Board of Trustees is the legal body responsible for the institution and for policy making. The Board has set proper procedures to ensure that it is appropriately involved in the approval of the financial status and is adequately informed about the stability of ASU, as well as the effectiveness of its leadership and its teaching, research, and public service as appropriate. The Board of Trustees aims to:

  • - Draw up the general policy of the university.

  • - Approve the annual and strategic plan of the university according to the recommendation of the University Council, follow up implementing it, and assess it.

  • - Assess the academic, administrative and financial performance as well as the

  • - Appoint the vice-presidents, heads of branches of the university, and deans.

  • - Recommend to the Board founding faculties, departments, institutes and scientific centers affiliated with the university in the Kingdom of Jordan.

  • - Recommend to the Board creating academic programs and specializations, incorporate them with others, or abolish them.

  • - Define study fees received by the university from its students in the different majors by a recommendation from the University Council.

  • - Approve the annual budget and the final financial statements of the university and discuss its annual report after approving all these by the University Council.

  • - Seek supporting the financial resources of the university and regulate ways of investing them.

  • - Accept gifts, grants, wills, etc.

  • - Agree on concluding agreements of scientific, technological and cultural cooperation between the university and its counterparts outside the Kingdom of Jordan, provided that the scientific programs and specializations resulting therefrom should meet the specific accreditation, realize conditions, and take into consideration the principles laid down by the Board for agreements that lead to earning the academic degrees.

  • - Address any other issues related to the university and presented by the chairman of the Board of Trustees, which do not lie within the competence of any authority stated in this law and the bylaws enforced in the university

There is a clear distinction, in writing and in practice, between the policy-making and fiduciary functions of the Board of Trustees and the responsibility of the administration and Faculty to administer and implement the policy.


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