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Vocational Diploma

Tourism and Aviation Management

This major aims to provide the student with the needed knowledge and qualify them theoretically and practically to lead their way professionally in the field of tourism and aviation, and to fulfill the needs of the labor market in the diverse sectors of tourist industry, such as; tourism marketing, Tour guides, managing tourism projects and tourist sites, Organizing tourism events, and airports and airlines.

Most Important features of this diploma:

o A certified certificate from the Applied Science Private University issued by the Ministry of Higher Education.
o A recognized certificate from UK.
o Incentive discounts
o Scientific tours
o A certified transcript issued by the university
o A realistic practical training during and after the diploma in the faculty of Information Technology and competent organizations.
o Experience certificate with the training duration.
o Authentic diploma books Inclusive.
o Graduation project
o Convenient installments
o Free courses within the diploma to prepare for the labour market
o Free transportation
o Free health insurance
o Workshops set by the faculty of the program
o On campus study
o Student ID and usage of the university facilities
o A diploma under the supervision of the faculty of Business.

920 credit hours divided into 600 on campus, 320 in a specialized company.​

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