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Training Diploma of developing and designing digital games.

This diploma aims to prepare graduates who are capable of understanding the concept of digital games, as well as designing and programming professional digital games to qualify them to work in designing and programming companies whether for games or direct financial profit from their games from international stores such as (Google, Apple & Huawei)

· A certified certificate from the Applied Science Private University issued by the Ministry of Higher Education.

· A certified certificate from UK.

· Incentive discounts starting from 10% and up to 25%

· A certified transcript issued by the university

· A realistic practical training during and after the diploma in the faculty of Information Technology and competent organizations.

· Experience certificate with the training duration.

· Modern educational labs.

· Authentic diploma books Inclusive.

· Graduation project

· Graduation project competitions

· Convenient installments

· Free courses within the diploma to prepare for the labour market

· Free transportation

· Free insurance

· Granted job offers for distinguished students.

· Workshops set by the IT faculty

· On campus study

· Student ID and usage of the university facilities

· A diploma under the supervision of the faculty of IT.

920 credit hours divided into 600 on campus , 320 in a specialized company.

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