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Consultation and Training Center


​Set of short courses​

  • ​• Introduction to Oracle(sq1)
  • • OracleP1/sq1/units 
  • • (CCNA) 
  • • SP.NET 
  • •  (Cyber Security)
  • • Agile 
  • • Word processing (Microsoft Office) 
  • • CompTIA 
  • • SOC

Major Professional Training Diplomas:​

1. Data Engineering

This is a branch of data science which focuses on data collection applications concerned with data processing and analysis as well as extraction of useful information. It also integrates with the data analysis specialization, which deals with data engineers by obtaining information from them for analysis purposes.

This diploma is targeted at IT and Computer Science graduates, those working in the business sector, databases, and e-learning, as well as all those interested in software languages.

2. Cyber Security

This diploma is aimed at explaining the fundamentals of data security and compliance and covers several major subjects in cyber security. Among these are an introduction to Linux; Python language; basics of networks and security; data encryption and decryption; data applications using Python software; reverse programming; and ethical hacking. It is also aimed at providing participants with the skills and know-how necessary to manage, maintain, operate and exchange converting and switching devices. They are also expected elaborately understand IP addresses; operational and subsidiary networks; data flow methods with a network; connecting wires; routing protocol preparation, and other common relevant technologies.

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