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Consultation and Training Center


Set of short courses for Medical and scientific courses

  • Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs for Drug Registration

  • Occupational Safety and Health for Hospitals and Medical Centers

  • GC for Chemistry Students

  • HPLC​

Major Professional Training Diplomas:​

1. Hospital Management & Medical Records

This diploma is aimed at providing participants with the basic concepts related to the management of health services and medical records; good communication skills; necessary competencies at health care centers; know-how of human relations; and skills necessary for assistant administrators in the field of services. It also covers the fundamentals of public administration and health administration; nutrition services; health marketing; shelter services; medical record practice; medical terminology; quality management; and health insurance.

2. Sign Language and Hearing Impairment

This diploma is aimed at qualifying specialized staff in rendering services to those deaf and hard of hearing. Participants shall be trained on the ethics of the sign language to fit with international translation bodies.​

3. Clinical Psychology

This is one of the branches of applied psychology, which is concerned with the causes and symptoms of psychological disorders so they can be diagnosed and treated. This diploma is aimed at providing participants with the practical clinical skills which enable them to work with mental patients. Participants are trained on major psychological tests, case study methods, and psychotherapy techniques.

The program is targeted at students of psychology, psychological counseling, and social services as well as psychiatrists and whoever works in diagnosing and treating psychological disorders.

4. Therapeutic Nutrition Management

This diploma is aimed at providing participants with the skills and know-how necessary in terms of the relationship between diet and a living body, including food having, digestion, absorption, and reception. It covers basic and minor relevant concepts; systems to plan meals; accurate and safe treatment of obesity; and major diet instructions.​

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