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What distinguishes the program and its plan?

This program is considered the first of its kind in the translation field in Jordan , where it grants students a masters certificate after completing 33 credit hours according to the regulations of the ministry of higher education and scientific research

The goal behind founding this program:

From the perspective of the vision and the message of ASU, the English and translation department is looking forward by presenting this program to fulfill the following goals:

· Efficient contributing in training students to deal with one of the most modern fields in translation which is full of theoretical and practical research opportunities in a variety of sectors.

· Enriching an important aspect of the labor market in the fields of subtitling movies,dubbing,voice recognition, audio description and linking audio conversations

· This program helps to perfect the practical and the technical skills needed for subtitling movies and documentaries as well as dubbing and audio description for people who suffer from hearing and sight impairment

· Gaining knowledge with the specialized software’s and the skills related to transferring cultural and social connotations

· Empowering student skills in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in conferences and interviews and in depth studies for literary and different technical texts that might be on social media

Supporting labs and services:

Students use different and special facilities in this program, such as the simultaneous interpreting lab and multimedia lab that contains advanced software in the audiovisual translation field.

Expected labor market areas:

After completing the requirements of this program, graduates can work in:

· Audiovisual media environment and in the different aspects of media and TV channels and technical production companies.

· Continuing the path of research to obtain a PhD and work the field of teaching in the university

· Worldwide organizations

· Free translation

Credit hours fees before the discount

Incentive grants

Average discount percentage credit hours fees after the discount

All students who scored good assessment

All students who scored very good and above assessments ​

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