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Center for Studies, Consultation and Social Service


Why the Consulting and Training Center?
It is because the consulting and training center in ASU is eager to provide the lasting and encouraging environment in the terms of theory or practice, and so, this was the objective and the main motive to which the idea of the center has come. The center has been equipped with the most recent means of education both in its theoretical and practical form.
It has been embodied through preparing the halls with the most advanced methods of modern education, the practical labs have been equipped with the latest devices and program versions, in addition to having well qualified and experienced trainers within the training field. And the use of a modern system and regularly amending it, as well as improving study plans according to the requirements of the current labor market.

Why the Consulting and Training Center?
•    A certificate by the Applied Science University authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education
•    A certified certificate from UK
•    A certified transcript from the university
•    Incentive grants
•    Suitable installments
•    University ID and use of facilities
•    Free transportation
•    Authentic diploma books inclusive of fees
•    Free health insurance


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Center for Studies, Consultation and Social Servi

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