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Consultation and Training Center


Short Courses at the Design Department​

1. Interface for Applications and Websites (UI-UX)

  •  Enable students to learn about the Adobe XD interface and how to save a job and build pages, website screens, and applications
  • ​ Teach students how to use Adobe XD and link between website pages and application, in addition to use many skills

 2. Trademark – Designing Logo & Building Visual ID

  • •​ Prepare and set a complete visual ID, along with a professional logo design, business stationery, and print advert designs which fit and consolidate the business visual ID with the customers

3. Print and Digital Advert Design​​

  • •​ ​Enable students to design and release all publications like brochures, banners, folders, header letters, and menu catalogs, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Major Professional Training Diplomas:​

1. Interior Design & Architecture

These are not only a science, but also passion, creativity, gift, and art, which makes them different from other specializations. Architecture and interior design are interconnected and complementary. While architecture deals with masses and is associated with space and surrounding environment, interior design relates to interior space distribution and methods of using space.

This diploma includes several aspects and applications on software like AutoCAD and 3D Max, and enables participants to draw architectural plans meticulously and skillfully.​

2. Promotional Filming & Short Filmmaking

This is an important program which attracts several amateurs. Thus, it is aimed at turning amateurs to special professionals able to produce their own projects in a scientific, technical manner. Participants are trained on different graphic software – like Photoshop and Illustrator – editing of ready videos; graphic filming through Premier and After Effect; scenario writing; and converting a Story Board to a fun visual movie.​

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