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ASU Center


The Computer Center has the proper atmosphere and good setting for training students and officials of all the university faculties , departments and offices . The center has made many achievements in training by organizing courses and laying down suitable plans for training students and officials .

Field Training of Students
The Computer Center has helped in the field training of many students of the Faculty of Information Technology and students of other departments by placing them in the right atmosphere of work to pave the right way before them to plunge in the experience of work after graduation. The center has made great achievements in this field . Students have been employed to realize some of the center's objectives in the maintenance of systems and networks .

Training Officials
The center has made achievements in the intensive training of officials in particular , and the university in general . 

The center has held the following courses :
​ORACLE Database Developer
Microsoft. Net Programming
ORACLE Database Administration
Software Quality Assurance
Maintenance and Support
Internet Programming and Web Design
Rational Rose

7/31/2017 4:40 PM