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Recycling Program

Waste Sorting Management / ASU


The intent of this project is to bring Applied Science Private University (ASU) Campus up to Engineering Sustainability Standard of waste recycling and attain a friendly environmental building.  This project was planned into many phases to include the entire campus buildings.  The first phase of this work was applied to the College of Engineering building (Al-Khwarizmi Building) as a prototype to cover other buildings in the near future as shown in figure 1.  ASU College of Engineering building consists of four floors with two wings occupied by 3671 students, faculties, and administration staff.


​Figure 1. ASU Campus showing College of Engineering building.

By sorting litter according to types of recycling process, a segregation of various materials such as paper, plastics, metals, and other types of waste was obtain successfully.  A set of predefined garbage cans, as in figure 2a and 2b, were distributed throughout the building in addition to consistence awareness to all tenants was applied to measure the success of such plan.


Figure 2a.  In-door marked trach cans


Figure 2b.  Out-door marked trach cans​ 

As a result, from the preliminary observation, it was determined percentage quantities of various type of waste to plan a future action in recycling term.


​Figure 3.  Waste components percentage at ASU College of Engineering building.


12/27/2017 1:29 PM