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ASU Center

Measurement and Evaluation Center

Director of Measurement and Evaluation Center

Dr. Hamed Almahadin



Improving the efficiency of the organized activities and measuring the satisfaction level and the quality of all services provided by the university.​


Developing appropriate measurement tools to assess the efficiency of events and services at the university in a manner that ensures providing feedback to the concerned authorities, which contributes to continuous improvement processes in various fields.



1. Promoting the concept of excellence.

2. Enhancing the level of services quality.

3. Improving the efficiency level of the events.



1.Team work.

2. Objectivity.

3. Institutional commitment.

4. Continuous development.​


  • 1. Contributing to continuous improvement processes.

  • 2. Preparing and developing appropriate measurement tools to assess the efficiency of activities and the services quality.

  • 3. Using appropriate analysis methods to reach useful and objective results.

  • 4. Providing the concerned authorities with feedback by providing them with reports containing the results of the analysis and a set of recommendations.

  • 5. Serving the local community and promoting the concept of participatory.

5/18/2023 2:36 PM