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Innovation Centre for Business Incubators

​​​​​​Innovation Center for Business Incubators at Applied Science University is the result of the important role that the university plays in spreading science and knowledge. The center aims at transforming entrepreneurial and innovative ideas into real physical projects that can enhance the national economy and help building sustainable development. The center has been established to contribute to the creation of remarkable success stories and to support youth’s creative idea.

Center Objectives:

  1. Creating and spreading entrepreneurial culture and increase the awareness of self-employment concept among the university’s students in all faculties. 

  2. Assisting students with entrepreneurial ideas in shaping their ideas in order to be presented in an organized and comprehensive way. 

  3. Protecting the students’ entrepreneurial ideas by educating them about trademarks, copyrights and patents laws.  

  4. Preparing students with entrepreneurial ideas for the different managerial tasks needed to successfully manage and promote their businesses. 

  5. Providing the necessary infrastructure needed to start entrepreneurial businesses.

  6. Assisting in providing the initial funds needed to launch the entrepreneurial businesses.

  7. Assisting in providing the necessary funds needed to expand entrepreneurial businesses through connection with interested investors. 

  8. Following up entrepreneurial businesses after leaving the incubator and provide necessary advices and recommendations to secure its success. 

​Condition to apply

Membership Main Requirements:

  1. The student has to be registered at the university and attending his classes at the time of applying or graduated from the university within the past five years. 
  2. Entrepreneurial Ideas should be innovative and new.

Note: Academic specialty and Grade point average are irrelevant.

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