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ASU Center

Faculty Development Center



Professor Samiha Jarrah
Director of Faculty Development Center / Dean of Nursing Faculty​​

Establishing the center

The Faculty Development Center was established in Applied Science Private University according to the deans' council decision number 7/2006 which was taken in 2006 with the aim of fulfilling the university's goal in achieving excellence and developing the academic and professional process. This goal also serves the community and enriches the skills of the academic faculty members where the center assures the quality of education and scientific research through training programs that play a vital role in enhancing and developing the performance level of the academic faculty members.


Center's Goals
The center aims at assuring and achieving the standards of quality in education through the development and enhancement of the university's qualified members' teaching and researching skills. To do so, the center offers the following:

1- Developing and enhancing teaching methods.

2- Consolidation of the comprehensive quality assurance in teaching.

3- Developing the skills of the academic staff members regarding the preparation of course syllabi, reports and updating them.

4- Implementation of the academic work ethics which is prominently visible given that the university is the base of knowledge and moral excellence.

5- Encouraging the efforts to increase cooperation between academic staff members to exchange experiences and skills.

6- Supervising the periodic assessment of the academic staff members with the aim of developing weak points and enhancing strength points.

Center's Vision

The center aspires to be leading in the field of quality assurance and academic development on a local and international level, and be looked at as an inspiration for creative and excellent innovations in the field of academic and scientific research development.

Center's Mission

The center's mission is based on building and spreading the excellence concept on a university level through enhancing the skills and abilities of the academic staff to enrich and develop the teaching methods, and consolidate the concept of comprehensive quality and assuring its standards to serve the community.

The Center's Council Tasks

1- Supervising the faculty's activities in regards to the development of the academic staff members including holding work seminars and scientific activities that aids in developing performance.

2- Holding training sessions on a university level to develop the performance of the academic staff members.

3- ​Holding the introductory training program for the newly recruited members.

4- Holding informative programs for the managerial staff such as the deans, heads, and their assistants.

5- Notifying academic staff members through their deans about the opportunities and courses which they can participate in, being inside or outside the campus, in the aim of developing their performance.

The Most Important Accomplishments in the Past Three Years (2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019)

1- An Annual informative meeting for the deans and heads of departments to inform the newly recruited of them with the managerial tasks at hand, along with the basis of contacting the various university sectors within the rules and regulations of the university. In addition, setting a plan for the academic year with the purpose of developing the academic staff on a faculty and university level.

2- An annual and quarterly informative meeting for the newly recruited staff to enable them to identify the methods and strategies of teaching, and developing the study plans, variations of reformation techniques, electronic teaching, comprehensive quality assurance in teaching, scientific research and promotion requirements, academic and psychological guidance, and the ethics of the academic work.

3- An annual and quarterly meeting for all faculty members in all colleges at the university level that includes workshops, seminars and lectures based on the training needs that are provided to the center with the start of the university year, including strategic planning, methods of measuring learning outcomes, interactive education, methods of evaluation and evaluation, writing a plan Strategy, research projects and support methods in cooperation with the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, and other topics related to performance development and work to continue applying standards of quality and excellence and discuss some ideas, visions, and proposals that would contribute to achieving the goal of the University in accordance with its strategic plan and in line with the university's vision towards excellence.

4- Follow up on the development plans on a faculty level in order to coordinate efforts towards continuous development.

5- Participation of members of the Development Center Committee alongside faculty members in courses held by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the British Council, where the university hosted the three-day workshop in the academic year 2017-2018 and with the participation of all Jordanian universities.

6- The Center also informs faculties of the opportunities available to nominate faculty members to attend workshops, courses, and conferences with a view to improving performance.



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