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ASU Center

Center of E-Learning and Sources of open education

 Elearning Center Main Duities:

  • Development of strategic plans for e-learning programs at the university.

  • Development of technical standards for eCourses and to ensure the success of the e-learning center.

  • Coordination between the faculties and departments with respect to e-learning programs.

  • proposing and implementing a timetable, split into phases, for the development of e-learning programs.

  • Work to develop a website for e-Learning in collaboration with the Computer Center.

  • Organization of training sessions for staff to compose electronic lectures (eCourses).

  • Study and adopt a system for authoring tools.

  • Collaboration with other universities locally and internationally in the field of e-learning.

  • determine the structural center of the future.

  • Study the market for e-learning in the education sector and the corporate sector.

  • Review the ministerial Instructions to study the possibility of creating and activating the Distance Education Centre.​

​​Dr. Mohammad Hijjawi 

Elearning Center Director​​

2/25/2019 4:27 PM