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ASU Center

Conference Palace



The Conference Palace was established in 2004, and it was designed with the latest engineering and technical methods, as it is considered the most modern in Jordan. The conference palace contains 700 seats and is equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment and theatrical lighting.


A distinguished center across the region provides various activities, which helps achieve a preeminent competitive position for the university.


Implementing high-quality cultural, social, and academic activities for the university and the local community.


1- Contributing effectively to the activities of the local community.

2- Consolidating the relationship with the local community.

3- Developing the cultural skills of university students, the faculty and the local community.

Activities that are offered through the Conference Palace:

1- Conferences; It includes simultaneous translation into three languages.

2- Dramatic and theatrical works.

3- Various musical concerts.

4- Students' graduation ceremonies.

5- A digital cinema to display movies.


Conference Palace systems that can be controlled remotely via fixed and mobile touch control screens include the following:

  • 1- Theaters' suspension systems (hanging decorations, curtains, and cinema screens).
  • 2- Specialized lighting systems for theaters and smoke devices to give special effects with colored lighting in many forms.
  • 3- Digital audio systems consist of headphones, wired and wireless microphones, amplifiers, and mixers.
  • 4- Digital video and cinema systems.
  • 5- Wired and wireless internal communication systems.
  • 6- Interpretation system.
  • 7- Live TV broadcasting system.

The conference palace contains a miniature conference room equipped with the latest audio and video systems to link the room to the theater to view the activities and events held in the theater. The conference palace also contains a VIP lounge equipped with a separate sound system.

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