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ASU Center

Computer Center

​​The Computer Center is one of the most important technical offices in the university . It forms the information window to the university by offering numerous services which help in decision making​ in the faculties, departments and offices of the university .​

The center is located in Ibnu Khaldoon Building on the campus center , which gives it the benefit of easy connection of different networks to the sites of faculties, departments and offices.​
The center offers the necessary services and support to faculties , officials and students . It offers the necessary information which meets international standards of design, performance and quality . The center can offer the faculties , officials and students at any moment complete documentation which includes: 
  1. 1- Center plans. 
    2- Policies and procedures , and the complete directory of our services.
    3- Different methods of processing adopted by the center .
    4- Technical support for users.
    5- Training .

  2. Policy

The center is capable of meeting all user's expectations through:​​​​

1- Offering advanced effective quick technical services.
2- Continuous on-call presence when service is needed by the user.
3- Applying all international standards and procedures which guarantee international quality .
4- Revising the quality of programs, activities and services to ascertain  their effectiveness.
5- Proposing advanced and competent work solutions to the university.


  1. 1- To make sure that all users have satisfactory access to all services. 
    2- To follow all users' problems and resolve them quickly .
    3- To promote the technical and administrative performance of the center workers by holding various courses for them .
    4- To make sure that all the technologies employed in the university line up with the advances of information technology​ .

  2. Computer Center Services

12/27/2020 4:56 PM