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ASU Center

Computer Center Services

The center has a control room of around 80 sqm in area. The room contains all central hardware to which all university computers are connected via the university various networks. This room has been equipped according to international specifications. It has a high floor , a fire-proof ceiling , special air conditioning units, and a special section for monitoring the equipment and systems . All central hardware has been kept in closets made for this purpose . From this room all movements of systems input by the users are checked . The center offers the following services:

Developing the university systems

The center is responsible for developing the university systems and transforms them from manual into automatic systems that operate on all university offices . The most important systems are :

  • admissions and registration system

  • student accounting system

  • worker affairs system

  • salary system

  • purchases , tenders and warehouses system

  • other various minor systems

 Maintaining and supporting hardware

Maintaining all hardware and devices and their accessories is the main duty of the Computer Center , which is responsible for maintaining all university computers and their accessories effectively and quickly .

Purchases of hardware and accessories

 Purchasing computers and their accessories and spare parts is one of the responsibilities of the Computer Center , which offers counsel and advice about the university needs according to international standards and specifications for purchasing these devices.

Maintaining data

The center is entrusted with maintaining the data and information of the university and preserving their instant availability , for these constitute the major capital of the university .

Offering reports

The center helps in preparing reports which help various offices in forming decisions by providing them with the necessary data and information .

Offering internet service

The center offers the internet service to all university faculties , officials and students including internet surfing and the e-mail service .

Warranting system confidentiality

The center has laid down an effective policy for warranting the complete confidentiality and privacy of data stored in all systems by contriving systems which secure high confidentiality and combat viruses .

Research and development

The technical and administrative officials of the center write various reports which help in upgrading the level of services offered by the center .

Guaranteeing quality and conforming to international standards

The Computer Center has founded a section for guaranteeing the quality of the university systems and the conformity of these systems to international standards and specifications by recurrent checking of systems and immediate response of the center to required services .

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