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Computer Center Sections

​Center Sections 

The Computer Center consists of a number of sections linked together to offer the integrated service to all users . The center sections are:

Section of Development and Programming

This section is responsible for analysis , programming and conformity of all new systems to be developed . It also follows up existing systems by checking them and solves problems which users face.

Section of Database Administering

This section is charged with monitoring data and information in the database and ascertaining the continuous operation of the database . It also treats all problems resulting from data storage , keeps spare copies , and reoperates the database in case of sudden breakdown .

Section of Network Management

This section follows up the university network and connects all users to this network to benefit from its assets . The university has 2000 personal computers connected to the university network . The section monitors all of them and solves their problems .

Section of Maintenance and Technical Support

This vital section undertakes all operations of maintaining the devices of the center and university and ascertaining their proper operation . It is also responsible for extending the networks of the university facilities and securing connecting them to the Computer Center.

Section of Securing the Quality of Information Technology

This section was founded two years ago to monitor all processes of development to secure the quality of the university programs . It is also responsible for ascertaining the conformity of devices and programs to international standards and specifications through recurrent checking of these devices and programs . The section , furthermore , develops the policy of the center and lays down procedures of development and programming .

Section of Multimedia

This section is capable of dealing with multimedia ( sound, picture, etc.) by employing advanced design programs . It designs screens for systems , multi electronic sites , introductory brochures , flash introductions , and instruction programs .

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