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ASU Center

Center for Studies, Consultation and Social Service


As the Applied Science Private University aspires for building bridges of communication and cooperation with the community, rehabilitating human resources, and developing the necessary skills and knowledge of the university cadre and members of the community to keep pace with the advances in all areas of life, the Center for Studies, Consultation and Social Service has been founded to be a guide of the Applied Science Private University to the Arab and international community. It has been created to achieve the goals of the university in serving mainly the Jordanian community and contribute to the overall development process of the Arab community.



  • employing qualified and proficient human resources in the university for the development of Jordanian and Arab communities.

  • offering technical counsel and preparing studies for institutions of the public and private sectors.

  • developing the expertise of university officials, offering material and moral incentives to them, and encouraging them to contribute to serving the Jordanian and Arab communities.

  • organizing management training programs in order to promote abilities, expertise and qualify the scientific and vocational skills of the participants.

  • organizing seminars, meetings and conferences to promote and consolidate the administrative practices of officials.

What distinguishes the Center for Studies, Consultation and Social Service

  • belief in human duties to promote and develop the society.

  • counseling the university administration on the goals, visions and aspirations of the center in organizing training programs for man power to supply the Jordanian and Arab job market with qualified employees.

  • The center can organize all training programs which conform to domestic and international standards and are conducted in an efficient manner.



7/24/2017 1:05 PM