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Innovation Center and Entrepreneurship (ICE)

About the Center

​ICE services

  • Spreading the culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the university and society by supporting and sponsoring educational competitions, training and research activities concerned with innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Encouraging students and faculty members to participate in local and international competitions in the field of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Encouraging students and university graduates to launch their innovative, pioneering ideas, embracing them in the incubator, and providing the necessary support such mentoring, knowledge transfer, prototyping, marketing and implementation.

  • Establish a committee for innovation and leadership at the faculty level and coordinate between them.

  • Establishing cooperative partnerships with local and international institutions that would transfer expertise or commercialize entrepreneurial projects.

  • Follow-up of pat​ent registration with the relevant authorities from inside and outside the university, according to the applicable regulations and instructions.

  • Connecting creative students with pioneering emerging companies for the purposes of enhancing qualification, training and development

The center is managed by a work team that consists of the director, assistant director and the board. Committees were formed to support the team in performing the tasks such as incubator committee, patents committee, faculties ambassadors committee, cooperation and partnership committee and ICE-related sections committee.​

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Innovation Center and Entrepreneurship (ICE)

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