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ASU students take part in the world's largest programming competition

​Saturday 22/10/2016 a group of programming students from the Faculty of Information Technology at the Applied Science Private University headed to Yarmouk University in Irbid city (the host of the Jordanian teams participating in the world's largest competition for programming IEEEXtreme) to participate in this prominent challenge. The competition organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) began in 2006 with the participation of 44 teams. In 2016, the number of participants reached to 2000 teams from all over the world.

The ASU team who participated in the competition consisted of three distinguished students of the IT faculty. Abdullah Alfaqir, Hamza Al-Natsheh and Abdurrahman Wahid worked continuously for 24 hours to solve 24 questions using the programming languages ​​C ++ / Paython / Java and others. The team worked to determine the degree of difficulty of the problem, find solutions and then design the method of the test as part of the preparation for building the related program for solving the problem completely and in the time available, which is a clear challenge to the mental abilities to solve problems.

Dr.Yousef Al-Qasrawi, Rapporteur of the Scientific Competitions Committee in the faculty pointed out that, "This year's competition is the largest competition in terms of the number of teams representing universities from around the world, stressing that the students participating in the competition are the Future Leaders in the field of Technology and methodologies of problem solving".

Dr. Mohammed Hijjawi, the dean of the faculty, affirmed high confidence in the students' abilities and competitive competencies and on their scientific awareness in the field of programming. He noted that this competition comes as part of the strategic plan of the faculty which includes involving students in international programming competitions and challenges and encouraging them to enter the global market with distinct and unique expertise and competencies. ASU students were ranked at 464 position out of 2000. Dr. hijjawi added that the faculty strives to provide all the necessary means to ensure excellence for its students and grant them opportunities to show their potential scientific creativity in the field of software.

It is worth mentioning that the programming team from the Faculty of Information Technology had obtained excellent results during the national programming contest JCPC held recently at the beginning of October 2016.